Wilbers Performance Suspension – German Top Quality for the Win


Why the components of a German owner operated suspension manufacturer are first choice for your Buell, EBR and even Harley-Davidson.

Assuming you are not planning to fight for the next Moto GP title and can’t afford your own full time suspension technician, you are most probably that average sport rider with some fast lap times here and there on your track days. Or you are competing on high Clubsport level and know that knowledge and continued personal support are the key for fast lap times.

Maybe you are a Custombike builder, who says good technology does not hurt, but you want to have individual styling choices, like length and colours, options that are hard to find from other manufacturers.

You might be a Harley rider that puts down ten thousands of miles each year on your Road Glide and you heard that Wilbers brought in collaboration with ZF (yes, the iconic German automotive components manufacturer) the legendary Nivomat system for your bike, offering the most comfortable and safest ride of the industry.

Our relation with Wilbers goes back 2 decades, when we started road racing with our first Buell Tubeframer, called the Boyracer. Our first rider ever, Mick Hüby, had a connection to Benny Wilbers, founder and owner till today, so we headed first South to GMD Computrak to check the geometry and then North again to Nordhorn, close to the border to the Netherlands to let Wilbers design an individual suspension package. As we all know, the reverse suspension system of the early Buells is tricky and Benny had a solution ready to reverse the reverse, meaning a system which made it via a pushrod and a rocker possible to operate the shock in a conventional way. Even if in later years heavily modified, like with an quick length adjustable pushrod, that system is till today in use on our Thor’s Hammer race bike.

With the launch of the XB in 2002, also the Buell got a conventional shock and here we can play with Wilbers the full range. From a 530 Ecoline for the budget oriented customer up to the 631 Adjustline competition for the sport rider, we can go all way. In comparison to other manufacturers, even at the baseline the Wilbers shock is always individually produced after your weight and riding style. The shim setting and spring are always calculated exactly after your needs. You can pick the Nightline option if you like your shock black anodized, and even the spring you can order in any RAL-colour of your choice. Also length adjustment and different pre-load adjusters are available. Another very important feature with Wilbers is the possibility to higher or lower your seat height without extra costs.

When the EBR 1190 RX/SX came out in 2014, thanks to a personal connection to a Dutch roadracer, Wilbers was going one step further and developed a model specific shock with a CNC made reservoir unit directly attached to the shock upper. It’s a unique extra compact design and a great improvement regarding function and packaging. Like all Wilbers shocks it get produced and set up after your needs and comes with a 5 year warranty.

For all Buell from 1996 on, Wilbers is offering their Zero Friction fork springs. These springs are extra polished to reduce friction and include a at Wilbers developed recommendation regarding oil viscosity and air chamber (oil level).

We developed a Wilbers Steering Damper kit for the EBR 1190 RX / SX that replaces the non-adjustable unit. The Wilbers Hyper Race damper is 7075 CNC milled aluminium, 24 click adjustable and it comes in a friendly black.

Another fascinating product Wilbers developed together with ZF Automotive. Most of us remember that unbeatable Nivomat from back in the days in the Volvo or Mercedes cars. Whatever you load, however bad the road is, these shocks hold the vehicle always on the same level, just with an intelligent internal oil system, full automatic. No air compressor, no sensor, no electronics, no manual adjustments, no wires or hoses, just smart suspension engineering.

Wilbers implemented the ZF Nivomat system into the motorcycle shocks for some typical long range Touring models, like the Harley-Davidson Road Glide. Check out that interesting video.

All Wilbers Performance Suspension products you find in our NCCR webshop. Contact us for any questions or support.