The perfect Tools you didn’t know you needed


Wrench in Style. Leatherwork handmade in Sweden.

The ultimate Lockwire set from NCCR, a great gift for a real good friend or something you buy for yourself what always gives you a smile when you use it.

1. Wire twisting pliers with return spring mechanism for easy wire twisting, 7″ or 9″ total length (210mm). Comes in a ox hide leather holster made by NCCR and it is stamped with our brandmark.

2. 350 feet (105m) original lock wire in a thickness of .32″ (0,8mm). Easy bending and maximum strength makes a good safety wire. Spool comes in our re-usable ox hide leather case made by NCCR and stamped by our brandmark. All our leather is vegetable tanned, here 3mm thick, and comes from Tärnsjö/Sweden.

3. Tired of searching your calliper? The solution is our belt holster. Fits all oldschool callipers with app. 230mm length. For electronic callipers or other sizes please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Safety wiring is used in aircraft work and racing to secure bolts and nuts to provide additional safety into the connection. It adds beside the safety a professional look to any Custom build and is also very helpful when wrapping exhaust and header systems with heat bandages. The pliers and wire are very easy to use and the handling is easy to learn to give you within some minutes a very professional result and look.

5 years warranty.