Get Rolling, the NCCR Shotgun frames. Ready to rumble or DIY


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As we all know, people have different tastes, different priorities and there are apparently even some people out there who don’t even like motorcycles at all. No wonder that hardtail frames, especially to the Buell world, seem to be highly suspicious. First of all, they are not performing well (which is not true) and secondly, they let people dismantle iconic riding machines built in East Troy / Wisconsin by the magic elves, that otherwise would have an prosperous road life for many more decades (which is not true, either).

No need to kill your beloved Buell for !

In reality, there are XB bikes out there that are just run down, for instance with broken wiring harnesses or major injection system trouble and fixing them is just not cost efficient.  Also, all NCCR Shotgun frames are constructed to accept Buell XB engines especially with serious damages, usually by crash. Like broken off swing arm pivot shaft support or damaged front cylinder head engine mount.

NCCR Shotgun frame with inwards bend downtubes

Many of us have been with Buell for so long, we just feel the itch to build something cool. The XB platform we know inside out and that the Shotguns can accept more XB parts many of us have around, like wheels and front fork, is no deal breaker either.

The NCCR Shotgun frames are constructed in two different designs with the main difference of the front down tubes that bend on the Trap model outwards from the engine front, at the Skeet model the down tubes bend inwards toward the engine front. Both designs have their Pros and Cons regarding the packaging of the bike components like foot pegs, exhaust headers and accessories. The frame layout in general is made for the stock 17” inch wheels and a sufficient road clearance for save cornering under real leaning angle. Belt drive can be used with up to 200mm wide rear tires, the longer wheelbase requires a HD style belt without idler gear. Front fork is best to use the Ulysses model length, triples can be use stock or the optionally available NCCR triple kit with hidden steering stop.

But before you start, make sure to have a good look at our Multi-Jig Frame Builing System and subscribe to our second YouTube Channel in order to learn everything there is to know about the system. You can also find the Multi-jig in our Web Shop over att NCCR.

You decide if you convert the bike to a carburetor, like the Mikuni HSR 42 and a digital ignition or if you plan to stay with the electronic injection/ignition system. Both require the swap to a side mount manifold from H-D Sportster or the earlier Buell tube frame model.

Fuel tank, seat, fenders, oil tank, exhaust and electric components can be used from aftermarket sources or of course build customized.     

All NCCR frames are made from Swedish SSAB high strength steel, the tube frames with motorsport grade Docol R8 tubes. Here you can read more about the Docol steel.
The Shotgun series is named after the two upper frame tubes what are situated like “Over-under” shotgun barrels, giving the frame an excellent strength and allowing with the 30mm diameter tubes a narrow fuel tank tunnel, which is very helpful realizing an independent design with maximum fuel capacity.

To guarantee maximum strength and highest precision manufacturing, the frame is made from only 6 tube segments, which are bent because of their complexity on a free radius CNC tube bending machine and the tube ends are all laser notched. That way, we lift motorcycle frame building not only to another level regarding the precision, but we make it also possible to ramp up the new NCCR frame builder program. The NCCR frame builder program is based on the together with ME-Racing developed motorcycle frame builder jig system. 

The easy weldability of the high strength Docol steel in combination with the frame jig, the precise pre-manufactured frame building kit and the detailed instructions, enable Customizer and skilled privateers to save costs, build their own frames and to add their projects personal details without taking the risk of getting lost on an ambitioned project like a frame build.

NCCR Shotgun frame kits include all tubes and sheet metal parts precisely pre-cut, the steering head and the rear axle tensioners, all ready to set up to weld. It’s up to you if you either want to spot weld the parts and hire a professional certified welder for the real substantial connection welds, or if you feel that you manage that by yourself. Always check your local rules on how the welding need to be performed. The good thing on Docol steel is, that it can be welded without any gas filling either with TIG or MIG technology.

Whether you’re looking for a completely ready to start frame or one of the NCCR frame builder kits, the Shotgun frame is an economical start into the world of Customizing.

med. The good thing on Docol steel is, that I can be welded without any gas filling either in TIG or MIG technology.

Either if you look for a complete ready to start frame or one of the NCCR frame builder kits, the Shotgun frame is a economical start into the world of Customizing.

The NCCR Shotgun frames

  • Developed to accept your Buell XB engine, fork and wheels
  • Manufactured in high strength Swedish Docol R8 tube
  • High precision CNC bending and laser cutting / notching
  • 2 designs, inward or outward pointing down tubes
  • Riding oriented geometry for maximum fun on the road
  • Available ready TIG welded or as building kit