The first ever supercharged Buell – the XBK


Mooore Booooooost! By Hillbilly-Motors.

This bike was the first ever supercharged Buell XB and we realised that in cooperation with Rotrex. The Rotrex supercharger (“Kompressor” in German, therefore XBK) of course demanded a “racier” look, so we had to come up with glass fibre fairings to match that. The monocoque was developed earlier for the so-called Fighter-style that was popular in Germany in the early 2000s. The front fairing and bellypan as well as the front fender were designed especially for the XBK.

The XBK was definitely a worthy successor of Jens’ turbocharged Buell 1200 RSS and the XB9S Turbo.



For those who don’t know: before we moved to Sweden, we used to own Hillbilly-Motors – the single largest supplier of Buell after market parts in the world. The company was sold in 2006, the same year we moved from Germany to Sweden. We decided to collect all official project bikes here as well – just for fun really!