Professional Swedish Quickshifter for all EBR and Buell 1125


Shift like the Champions. Made in Sweden.

This new for 2021, 2nd Generation NCCR Quickshifter kits offer a lot of advantages and new features. Developed with the Swedish manufacturer Cordona, these kits bring GP Technology to your American V-Twin. Install this Quick Shift Kit and and eliminate any need to touch the clutch lever during upshifts. Basically, 2 different versions are available for the EBR 1190: in-linkage or toe peg version. Both GP and normal shift pattern are possible. There’s also a toe-peg version for the Buell 1125 and universal DIY kit.

  • 14mm stainless steel, Strain Gauge Sensor, senses both push and pull linkages
  • Sensor tested continuously for 7 days, 603 000 upshifts with 45kg force. Equivalent of 12 years racing use
  • Sensor has Magic Threads and can take both Right and Left hand connectors on each end
  • Fully computerized, 25mhz processor in the administration panel with automatic compensation for temperature, creep and vibration
  • Adjustable shift preload set-up on digital administration panel, from 1-30kg
  • Ability to switch the Quickshifter function on/off on the administration panel
  • Automatic set-up, logic firmware asks the rider to perform an up shift after installation and the sensor will automatically learn and remember push or pull
  • Check function to monitor that the sensor works
  • Absolutely water proof with sealed connectors
  • All parts available as spare parts
  • 3 years NCCR warranty
  • Fits also with NCCR Chassis stabilizer kit in place

Plug and Play for all 2016 and newer EBR 1190 RX and SX (factory updated 2014/15 ECM too) and any EBR 1190 with an EBR or IDS pre-programmed Race ECM.