No more broken Africa Twin Screen Subframes – the Swedish Solution


Honda improvements. Made in Sweden.

The front screen bracket of the Honda Africa Twin cracks under extra loads like Navigation systems. The fix is a reinforcement what connects the upcoming brackets downwards to an existing unused mounting point under the instrument cluster (2 x M6).

There are 2 reasons why we developed the upper mounting as a sandwich clamping solution (2 x M5 each) and NOT using the screen screws to mount the reinforcement.

1. Because of manufacturers tolerances or fatigue the original brackets might be not exact in the same position.

2. The mounting of the fairing screen is for a reason fixed in slot mounted well-nuts. Only a flexible mounting system can handle tolerances from manufacturing and temperature changes without cracking the screen plastic material. Details:

  • Made in Sweden
  • CNC bended 12mm steel tube, powder coated black
  • Mounting plates laser-cut, powder coated black
  • Construction is TIG welded
  • No changes necessary on the bike
  • Rubber mounting of the screen stays untouched
  • Just 370 gr, including mounting hardware
  • Protects also the instrument cluster
  • Easy to mount, keep the original rubber covers on the upper end of the bracket