New YouTube Channel: Frame Building with the Multi-Jig


Possibly the easiest and best way to build a highly precise Motorcycle Frame

Jens (left) and LG Eriksson (right) in Borlänge

Remember our Shotgun Frame? The one with its lower tube being one piece from steering head to rear axle. I drew it up in CAD and now it’s finally reality. But it would’ve never been possible without the smartest contraption since pre-sliced bread! I may be slightly exaggerating, but the Multi-Jig developed by LG Eriksson at ME Racing in Borlänge, Sweden, did make our lives so much easier. Both the frame and the Multi-jig are of course made from Docol® Steel which is produced by SSAB in Sweden. The jig is highly precise due to its manufacturing process which involves laser cutting, CNC-bending, and thread punching in order to ensure the highest possible precision and repeatability.

ME Racing is an established and well known name in the the racing world, as a leading and innovative chassis manufacturer. Mats Eriksson, LG’s father, has been racing and building dragsters since the 70’s. Most notably, in 2009 Green Goblin was the first ProMod car under 6.1sec when Mats did run 6.09sec at Hockenheim, Germany. The same year he did also run 5.98sec witch was the first run under 6sec in Europe. This season the Green Goblin Team did end up as European Champion, Nordic Champion and Swedish Champion. Green Goblin did have track record on all tracks it raced that year.

Check out our new Youtube channel: Frame Building with the Multi-Jig and make sure to subscribe and learn all there is to know about the Multi-Jig itself as well as building frames for different engines.

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