NCCR Engine Rebuild Program with Warranty for EBR / Buell 1190


How to give your Buell / EBR 1190 Helicon Engine the best Care possible.

EBR 1190 RX / SX / RS Engine Rebuild program by NCCR NCCR decided to launch an engine rebuild program to help EBR 1190 owners to keep their bikes on the road with certainty that everything is done to preserve the value of their investment. The NCCR Engine Rebuild program targets engines with an overall mileage of not more then 20.000mls (30.000km) as we can be sure that under normal wear and usage the lower end is still in perfect condition.

NCCR will perform most checks that are possible without splitting the engine case. This includes inspection of the oil pump internals and check of the con rod bolts, which usually together with the other tolerances gives a reliable picture of the engine condition. NCCR reserve the right to refuse an engine for the rebuilding program.

What’s included?

  • Disassembly (engine case halves will not be split) of top ends and side covers
  • Check of all clearances, Stator resistance, Coils resistance, Starter clutch, Cam chain tensioners, check general wear and tear
  • Condition report to Customer
  • Closed Deck conversion of the original cylinders from open to closed deck to increase strength.
  • Valve seal replacement and vacuum test, Valve adjustment
  • Preparation for assembly, cleaning, matching piston weight
  • Parts included:
    • 2 x Base gasket
    • 2x Head gasket
    • 1x Side gasket Stator cover
    • 1x Side gasket Clutch housing
    • 1x Water pump seal
    • 2x Piston ring Set
    • 4x Piston Circlips
    • All Seals
    • 1x Balancer nut
    • 1x Alternator nut
    • 1x Clutch nut NCCR Performance Clutch plates friction & steel
    • 1x Oil filter
    • 4x Injector cleaning and balancing
    • 2x Spark plug
  • Assembly of engine, oil filling -building up oil pressure- draining oil
  • Engine comes ready to use, but needs bleed of clutch hydraulic, engine oil and coolant
  • Handling for Transport (Transport fee not included)
  • NCCR engine rebuild plate with Nr. and Year
  • Building report to customer
  • NCCR engine assembly and run-in recommendations


  • Oberon clutch slave cylinder
  • NCCR swingarm bearing kit and machining of spacer
  • CP CNC pistons Carillo rods with bearing shells (also main bearing shells replaced)
  • ARP cylinder bolts & nuts incl. installation
  • Fuel pump, test run, pressure check and low fuel sensor upgrade (Industrial sensor made in Germany)
  • Engine Dyno run-in and Dyno Protocol

NCCR Warranty: 1 year / 10.000 mls. Plus a 2nd year / 10.000 mls (total 20.000 mls) when engine gets its regular Service (6200 mls after rebuilding) made by us or AMF Wisconsin, Chaz Aagard. NCCR Chassis stabilizer kit is mandatory for warranty.

Price is $ 3750 USD

For save voyage, we designed a transport box which you’ll also find in the web shop and build it yourself or have us make you one. The engine stand is also available for sale separately in the web shop.