F*rk it! – How to service Your EBR Big Piston Fork


Fork Service may seem threatening, but it’s actually not that bad. Especially, if you tag along our new Video!

The Tutorial video is online for the Service on the EBR 1190 Showa big piston fork. Learn how to service and tune the EBR 1190 Showa Big Piston Fork used on the EBR 1190 RX and SX. In this Video you’ll find:

  • Which tools and special tools you need
  • How to disassemble and assemble the fork
  • What oil level is recommended and how to adjust it correctly
  • What oil spec is recommended and what to use for sport riding
  • Why the original EBR factory fork spring is questionable for sport riding
  • Why packing tape is essential for a proper fork job
  • Some tips and tricks how to tune your fork on a small budget into a great working front end for Clubsport Racing
  • Why it needs your attention in which direction that black plastic spacer should be mounted and why the parts book is on that point not a real help
  • And some more this & that