EBR 1190 WSBK, ex Niccolò Canepa #59


A Piece of History. Make it Yours.

The 2015 EBR 1190RX World Superbike Niccolò Canepa used with the EBR Factory Race Team. The Bikes (A and B Bike available) are in the condition as prepared by the team for the next upcoming round at Imola in May 2015, where EBR did not started anymore.

The bike mark the peak of the developments of the Race Twins coming from East Troy / Wisconsin by Erik Buell. There was no efforts or costs spared to join the competition with the best of World Championship level and the bikes are still full equipped with the 2015 WSBK suspension, brakes and engine management components. The building costs of each of the all over only 5 EBR 1190RX WSBK built must have exceed 200.000 USD each.

These bike mark as the last of the V-Twins the end of an era, not only for Buell and EBR, where a bike on that level will never be produced, also in general as today the V4 has overtaken to compete with the Inline 4’s in World Superbike. We overtook a well equipped parts stock, what enable us to set up the bikes on a level what would make it for the new owner possible to use it on the level of skills and competition.

Don’t worry if you’re tight on cash – you can still get a limited Artprint of it or any of the other WSBK and Splitlath Racing bikes.

Check out the videos and pictures below and contact us if you have any more questions.