Chassis Stabilizer Kit – or why do EBRs go in a Big Boom?


No more blown front cylinders?

Developed by NCCR to minimize the EBR 1190 engine twist in the chassis under full acceleration and Racing. CNC manufactured from 7075 high grade aluminium, this 4 piece (left front engine mount optional) stabilizer kit reinforce the connection between frame and engine. The result is less stress on the engine from the chassis influences and a more clear feedback and more accurate feeling of the bike.

The kit connects the left rear lower engine mount to the swingarm axle. From there a connection link goes to the left middle engine mount. As the original mount goes through the engine from the left to the right side of the bike, we clamp now another link to the middle mount on the right side and connect there to the new with the kit also delivered front mount.

The kit comes with a detailed instruction manual and can be installed with engine and frame in place but coolant need to be drained. Comes in black, red or blue anodized with all necessary mounting hardware.

Requires machining an M10 thread into the swing arm axle. If you cannot do it by yourself, ask us for it, or please order the optional available ready machined swing arm axle. It also requires a small cut out on the plastic sprocket cover, a template comes with the kit. You can choose under the options a new ready cut cover. Available now in 3 different anodizing colours.