EBR 1190 RX/SX Airbox/Evap Delete Mod – How to DIY?


More airbox volume + less weight = more fun!

Extend your airbox volume and get rid of the OEM charcoal canister and Evap valve. It’s not a secret that airbox volume is a key for performance. The NCCR DIY airbox / Evap delete kit include all parts needed to modify the airbox by yourself and get rid of the OEM Evap system. You gain approximately 1 litre airbox volume, reduce the weight with app. 750 gram and prevent your bike from any trouble related to the Evap system what regulates the fuel tank ventilation.

The modification requires workshop tools like a Dremel, please watch the video here to learn more about the job. The modification takes about 2-3h, plus the time to take the airbox out and back. Perfect to do when you anyhow do the valve adjustment. Modification process is straight forward, you cut out the charcoal canister, drill some holes in the plastic airbox bottom, then you glue a 3D printed cover into the airbox, plug the manifold connector of the Evap hose and route the new vent hose and that’s it.

If you don’t want to do the modification by yourself, you can send your airbox for modification to us (Europe) or Chaz Aagaard at Aaagaard Motor Foundry (USA). If on the shelf we can offer exchange for quick turn around, also we offer new ready modified airboxes, what is unfortunately quite expensive.

Not legal on public roads or emission controlled vehicles!