EBR 1190 RS Splitlath Racing Mark Miller IOMTT Bike


A Piece of History. Make it Yours.

EBR Motorcycles factory race team, Splitlath Motorsports overtook EBR’s international Racing activities from summer 2015 on. Team principal John Dimbylow was focusing Roadracing on the Isle of Man and Macau, but also tried to establish new sales opportunities for the East Troy brand with racing activities in Asia.

The bike is based on the 2013 EBR 1190 RS in full Carbon Race configuration. John Dimbylow: “All Splitlath bikes are full factory race specification with all original parts fitted at the factory in East Troy by Chief mechanic Tony Pogue under the personal direction of Erik Buell himself, the engines were all built by Shane Myers to Erik’s specification. All maintenance over the entire life of the bikes has been carried out by Tony Pogue alone, no one else has been allowed to touch the bikes”.

This bike, US rider Mark Miller used on the legendary Isle of Man in the Superbike TT and Senior TT in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Even if the technique of the 1190 RS struggled on the rough terrain of the Mountain course, the competing of the EBR dragged a lot of attention for the brand. The last year a good finish was lying in the air but unfortunately the connection to the extra extra fuel tank was undersized, so it could not empty and the bike did not finish. It is in very good condition and comes with all IOMTT tech stickers on frame and fairing.

John Dimbylow: “Specifically race prepared for the Isle of Man TT in the Factory in East Troy. This bike has competed in 3 TT’s and was the first manufacturer in 80 years to actually complete a race at its first attempt, such are the demands placed upon the machinery, which you simple cannot test anywhere else, but whilst you race there. It has an auxiliary fuel tank to cope with the demand of mile after mile with the throttle fully open at almost 200mph on public roads. Originally, the “dry break” feeder could not cope with the fuel demand, so the feed was enlarged. This bike, although basically a stock RS, entered in the Superbike Class, competing against the finest high tech machinery that the Japanese and German Factories could muster, each Factory backing at least 10 bikes each, such is the importance of this event to the manufacturers as it represents “real world” riding on ordinary roads, even “Mr Honda” Sr., flies in from Japan to attend this event, the only race event he attends. Although in all the time we attended this event, we had many breakdowns, grit in a reed valve, a clutch retaining nut coming loose, and other silly little things which test machinery to the absolute maximum, things happening that simply do not occur at any race event anywhere else in the work, Mark achieved an 8th and a 15th place on the EBR, our little team from our little manufacturer with our limited resources up against the might of the worlds major manufactures. We are very proud of Mark and of this bike”.

Don’t worry if you’re tight on cash – you can still get a limited Artprint of it or any of the other WSBK and Splitlath Racing bikes.

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