Buell Dragracing – Go Fast or Go Home!


Lucky Dice DragRacing Team / Belgium

Originally, before he got heavily influenced by the Freddie Spencer style Superbikes, Jens was hooked on Dragracing. In the 80’s, you had to travel quite far from Germany to see some real Racing, there were some activities mostly by the US Forces Service members, like on airfields like Giebelstadt.

In 1983, Speed Products Jörg Huesmann took – as the first German ever – the European Pro Stock Championship with a Suzuki engine built by V&H. But still, you need to travel far for good racing. In 1984, I met Ton Pels, the later founder of Zodiac, with his Double Dutch Triumph at the Mantorp Park/Sweden Dragraces and learned a lot from him. Even if in the later years, when Roadracing got our focus, Hillbilly Motors with Stefan Graff and today NCCR with Dirk Waterschoot, is still engaged on the Dragstrip. The Lucky Dice DragRacing Team was founded in 2015, it’s a classic family team located in Belgium. We work together since 2017, when the team decided to build a Buell 1125 for the European Top Gas Series and the French FFM championship.
The cooperation started with help regarding mapping and engine building, but soon it was clear that the relation will go further. Dirk runs his own machine shop and is also an industrial electrician. Thom, his son, is just at the university and the team developed some advanced skills in 3D printing and cutting. NCCR experienced some outstanding support of the team at the actual update of the dyno room and also in many other details we run a very close cooperation.
Together we started 2 years ago a new development based on the Buell 1125 Helicon engine platform, even if the work got delayed by the ongoing pandemic, we look forward to have the first test runs and races in 2021.