Radical Buell XBRR “Chronos” – 25 Year Tribute Bike


Followers of The Church of Mass Centralization, rejoice!

The Buell XB-RR “Chronos” racebike is a tribute to 25 years of greatest Motorcycle Engineering. Dedicated to Erik Buell, a man who stands for his ideas and a courageous company with great people who work hard daily to offer their customers the maximum fun and thrill when riding these motorcycles. 

“Chronos” mark the peak for pushrod powered roadracing bikes. With a Horsepower/ Weight factor of 1:1 the bike is able to compete on the track with any state of the art Racetwin. We and our friends focused our efforts on this projects on the major attributes of any Buell bike. Maximum mass centralization and traction,  outstanding handling and minimizing of attaching parts and general weight. The result is an aggressive bike for short sprint races with perfect riders ergonomics and a rugged chassis with outstanding suspension and brakes. A new anti-hopping dryclutch and the integrated traction control push up performance and drivability to the max. “Chronos”.

The wire wheels are Italian Alpina Raggi made exclusively for Hillbilly-Motors (our old company in Germany). You could choose any colour combinations of anodising. The wheels accepted the stock brake- and pulley components and were even DOT/TÜV approved.

It was a piece of hard work and a lot more tricky than any of the bikes before to build the 25 years of Buell Tribute Racebike. Our idea was to show with “Chronos” the respect of the ideas and solutions Erik and BMC had chosen on legendary bikes like the 1000 RR or the S1. But, an XBRR engine is nothing to store in a custom project that ends up on display. This engine needs to breath the air of the tracks, has to be fed with oil and fuel and has to make its outstanding “Roaarrrrrrrrr” of an air-cooled, pushrod powered performance engine heard. Any details of the “Chronos” project are purely raceborn. There is no solution just to look good. The design and setup follows our last years’ experiences in roadracing with Buell’s Tubeframers and XB models. If we build a sprocket brake, then because we need the wheel-side flange for our traction control sensoring, if we mount an under-engine suspension, then because we believe in cooling and mass centralization.

No Buell custom project ever polarized more then the XBRR Chronos. Built to follow Erik Buell’s ideas in a way without any compromises, this XBRR equipped bike was for some people just too much (-: They’re still hyperventilating we guess…

Without our engaged friends the “Chronos” project wouldn’t exist. Thanks to Lasse Eriksson from pro2type who did the aluminium weld, and thanks to my family who is always with ideas and power beside me. Jens, November 2007