Buell XB9 Grey Fellow – 1170cc that will kick your Ass


Short Stroke Attack. By Hillbilly-Motors.

Equipped with the F.A.S.T. system, the Grey Fellow was the third short stroke development we had made in the Hillbilly-Motors days. Together with M-Tek, we had developed 1170cc cylinder heads that made riding an XB9 a whole new, sporty experience.

Apart from the engine, the Grey Fellow had a few other cool news to it. There’s the very obvious tank cover with air inlets, larger right air scoop that provides more fresh air, the 90mm higher tail and titanium exhaust. More subtly, 29mm tapered handle bar, BKG triples, Gilles footpeg plates, CR Clutch and brake levers. This bike was successfully raced by Mick Hüby, but most kilometres were actually put on it by Birgit!

The Grey Fellow was definitely a worthy successor in the series of short stroke Buell starting with the FLASH and XBK.



For those who don’t know: before we moved to Sweden, we used to own Hillbilly-Motors – the single largest supplier of Buell after market parts in the world. The company was sold in 2006, the same year we moved from Germany to Sweden. We decided to collect all official project bikes here as well – just for fun really!