“Bad to the Bones” Buell XB9 Hotrod Concept Bike


Oldschool Looks. Made in Sweden.

Since Buell launched the XB model in 2003, we built several custombikes based on these fuelframers. Many parts we developed, the most of them are still in production, at least as copies.

After we sold the Hillbilly-Motors business, it was in a way sure that we sooner or later needed to continue in another direction and it was clear for me that I will continue with Buell Motorsport but will not build another XB custombike or develop any new parts. This chapter was for us written and closed.

3 years later (so in 2009), the Buell aftermarket scene is a poor reflection of the past. Most of the existing companies sell the same parts, if somebody of the industry invents a new part, everybody goes for it, but there are not many who push the things forward and come out with some own new parts.

After so many years involved with these bikes and style, we couldn’t resist in the end. NCCR presented the “Bad to the Bones” Hotrod Concept Bike.

The idea of this bike was again, 6 years after the Hellbender, to push the XB style to the limit without changing the design totally.

The in aluminium new casted front parts lowers the cockpit 30mm, like on a topchop, and the new casted tail section, optionally with integrated indicators, shortens the bike in the good old classic S1 style. A new aluminium tail insert integrates a nightglow LED taillight.

So the Bad to the Bones concept combinates the cool oldschool style with modern technology. Like the brand-new fat LSL Dragbar (ready to deliver from 6/2009), which uses the state of the art 28,5mm diameter clamp size in combination with the black LSL Buell conversion risers.

LSL is also the supplier of these fine black foot peg plates who offer a very open look through the bike. LSL as an German top-quality supplier offers a outstanding price/quality relation. All parts are TÜV approved for your bike. Foot pegs and the 6x adjustable brake- and clutch lever come in different colours.

Additional parts like different seats, including the good old Hellbender style, a new front fender with integrated air scoop, the engine cover kit “Skully” which includes also an oil filler cap in skull design and some more parts in the authentic Hotrod style completing the design. Explore our photo gallery below and watch our new video to see more.

It wouldn’t be us if we came back without a new FAST System and a new exhaust.

FAST II is an all new system transferring the original Hotrod style to your Buell XB. In combination with an open or translucent tank cover, your bike gets an outstanding fresh look. The new constructed airhorn gives the motor the additional air it needs.

After being involved in so many exhaust systems for the Buell XB over the years, we were far away from being keen to develop another system. But this bike was screaming for something special, so we ask HPE if they would be interested to do something. They give a general ok, if we build the prototype to prove the reaction on the market.

So, here it is how it could look: fresh, dominant and of course in a friendly deep black. So give us  your feedback and we will see if it will come.

I wrote this piece in 2009 when the Bad to the Bones was launched together with the Harley-Davidson “The Boulevardtracker” RR 1000. See their video below: