About Us

NCCR is located in Delsbo in the Swedish Hälsingland, 350km north of Stockholm. We produce own parts and import high quality motorcycle parts, like Wilbers, ABM and Motogadget to Sweden. The company was founded in 2006 and is driven by motorcycle enthusiasts who think that you should live for that what you do in your daily profession. We are a small team, Birgit, Jens and Pär ride and race motorcycles since the 80’s and with Julia, Jens and Birgit’s daughter, is since 2016 the second generation now entering the company, bringing in new ideas and skills.

After years of engagement in vintage bike restorations, Birgitta and Jens got in the 90’s, when they lived in Germany, the first contact with Erik Buell’s Harley-Davidson powered Sportbikes. Their first Buell was a 1991 RSS single seater, what is today converted into a Turbobike. In 1999 Jens founded together with his wife Birgitta the company Hillbilly-Motors, who turned to into one of the leading sources for Buell after market parts, the business was sold in 2005 and the family was moving to Sweden.

Legendary and trendsetting Buell custom bikes like the Buell XB Hellbender, get launched in the Hillbilly-Motors times. In 2008, NCCR started a project with Buell factory stunt rider Craig Jones what mounted in 2009 to the first ever declared Speed record on Ice with 238 km/h on a NOS powered Buell 1125R.

Various race activities over the years in road racing, in the last decade with Buell race bikes, including the development of the Twincarburator “Thors Hammer” Roadracer (Thunder B.E.A.R.S Champion 2007) and on the dragstrip with rider Stefan Graf on the M-Tek powered HD Sportster (Harley modified Champion GER/NL 2008), give NCCR also a deeply understanding about Sportriders needs. In 2010 and 2011 we managed the Pegasusraceteam.com with rider Harald Kitsch to 3 more Championships with the EBR (Erik Buell Racing) 1190RR Superbike.

NCCR is offering a wide range of top quality Custom- and Tuning brands in the web shop, many of these parts are special made for your bike model and will fit without any changes.

We understand NCCR as a service company who answer your questions and support you in any way, before and also after you bought your parts from us. Our workshop is the heart of the business, here we test and develop our parts and here we build our Custombikes and Caféracers. Since 2009 NCCR manufacture its own motorcycle frames.

In 2013, NCCR overtook after a full factory training, the Swedish import and service for WILBERS Suspension components and in January 2014 the website www.wilbers.se was launched with all product information and details about that great brand. Since 2015 the Hillbilly-Motors trademark rights are back at the Krüper family and are used in connection with NCCRs Hillbilly-Motors Speedshop.

Since summer 2016, NCCR is responsible for the parts sales and technical support of EBR Motorcycles in Europe.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions!

Sincerely, your NCCR Team

Birgit Krüper

Birgit rides motorcycles since the 80’s. She is responsible for the design in many of NCCR’s project bikes as well as parts we develop. Her first bike was a 1968 BMW R 50, an ex-police bike from France, which had a /5 front fork, stainless fenders and Hoske exhausts – a custom bike of its time. She still owns it and these days, Birgit is finishing the work on the rebuild of that bike. This is funny in times when the old air-cooled BMW Boxers are turning into icons of the café racer world. Over the years, many other great bikes passed her way, like Nortons, Triumphs and even a Moto Guzzi Falcone. With a Harley Sportster custom bike, she found her passion for Erik Buell’s East Troy Twins and a 1996 S1 was her favoured ride for many years.

In 2001, the last tube frame year blue header X1 was a must have, before several Buell XB bikes in the Hillbilly-Motors times were owned and ridden by her. The Buell 1125 was never her piece, but when the first EBR 1190 came to NCCR, she jumped on a SX and declared, that it felt like an XB and enjoyed any km she could ride on that great bike. Birgit still owns several Buells beside her BMW R 50 and loves to ride the Swedish gravel tracks with her Suzuki DR 350 SE.

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Jens Krüper

Jens bought his first Bike, a badly (ab-)used, 750 four K2 Honda when he was 15 years old and directly converted it with an 823cc Yoshimura “Bigbore” Kit to a project bike. After he had seen 1982 Freddy Spencer on the Honda 900 Bol’dor superbike in a video wheeling down the corkscrew in Laguna Seca, he needed to get a high aluminiumhandlebar, a thick Marzocchi fork and then he hit the road as one of the first European riders in the total new American superbike style. In 1983, the logic next step was a used SC01 Bol’dor of the first series, which got the full package including Marchesini wheels and a complete engine tuning, turning the bike into a real superbike style road racer, also ok for some drag racing, first time 1984 in Mantorp, Sweden. In the 90’s, he got hooked on Buell, who turned out to be his real passion.

In 2006, Steve Anderson invited Jens to Daytona joining the Buell factory race team at the launch of the Buell XBRR with Jeremy McWilliams. In 2010 / 2011 NCCR celebrated 3 championships with the EBR 1190RR and rider Harald Kitsch at the Pegasus Raceteam. East Troy Twins are still a big part of his daily work. But in the last years, also traditional stuff like vintage bikes and café racers started to fill the workshop. Jens rides Buell motorcycles, a Suzuki 350 dirt bike and there are some more.

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Julia Krüper

Julia was born into the bike business and her first memory ever, regarding motorcycles, is a spin in an Ural side car together with the family’s dog. And she always loved it to be the girl who was brought to school by her mom on the back of a customized Buell S1. At the age of 12, she sold the first bike part, a race exhaust for a Buell XB model, at the legendary Fighterama motorcycle show in Germany. In 2006, the family moved to Sweden, and for her, being 15 years old in a foreign country, there were many challenges. Today she is fluent in German, Swedish and English.

Her councillor in 9th grade suggested to her becoming a technician in Arvidsjaur in the far North at the arctic car test facilities. But instead of following her parents’ footsteps, she did her own thing – studied Natural Sciences in high school and moved first to Sundsvall for her Bachelor in Laboratory Science and then graduated in 2015 from Uppsala University, as a Master in Forensic Sciences. Next logic step in her scientist career was the PhD in Analytical Chemistry, but after one year she found out that the abstract academia life was not her calling and she quit for a new challenge doing what she knows best and loves most – using her skills to create real things with her hands, using science and technologies. Julia owns a Honda CB 400 N Caféracer.

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Pär Swedin

Pär was born into Harley Flatheads. Sooner or later, it was only logical to get hooked on that virus. Not only that he lived in Delsbo, the town of “Mr. Flatheadpower” Anders Nygren – no, his grandfather, who was a tailor, bought a 1946 WLC 45 back in 1972. And when Pär in 1985 joined his grandpa’s workshop to get a tailor education, the bike was always there. When he was working on the traditional Hälsingland folklore clothes, like leather pants and vests, traditional leather work caught his attention and he found that it met his skills.

In 1988, he was trained by Krister Jung at Lejonkulans Läderhantverk in Stockholm to learn about the specialties of motorcycle related leatherwork. That way, the things got together and in 1999 when his grandfather died, Pär overtook both the atelier and the Harley-Davidson Flathead. At NCCR, Pär is the man at the front; he knows which oil filter fits a 1979 Honda 750 DOHC and what carburettor repair kit will bring your Yamaha TR 1 back on the road. And of course, if you are looking for a fine seat, he’s your man. Pär rides the Flathead, what else.