#5 Have FUN!


This Artprint features the Cory West’s EBR 1190RS in Asian Livree. For the Pan Delta Races in Asia with rider Cory West, Splitlath Motorsport could get FUN Online Casino as the main sponsor. The EBR and Cory dominated the final weekend and took in front of 100.000 enthusiastic Chinese Motorsport fans the victory. Unfortunately, EBR was not able to turn this epic chance into a success. In reality, EBR did not even seriously try to set foot on those fast growing Asian markets.

Artist: Julia Krüper

Quality digital print on 350 gsm / 160 Bristol weight extra sturdy Artprint paper. Strictly limited Edition of 30 prints all over, personally hand marked 1/30, 2/30, etc. with signature of the artist.

Paper size 50 x 70 cm (19,68″ x 27,55″), comes rolled up in a large diameter and safely packed.