#23 Perimeter II


To 30 pieces limited Artprint by Jens Krüper, celebrating the iconic ZTL brake of the Buell and EBR motorcycles. Not only technical, also for the marketing, the “be different” brake system was a great asset for the company. Improved over the years, from the early 6-piston days in 2002 to the super light 8-piston World Superbike set-up in 2014, it will forever make the difference. It gives Buell riders the ability to go lines on the brake that the competitors not even know exist.

Artist: Jens Krüper

Quality digital print on 350 gsm / 160 Bristol weight extra sturdy Artprint paper. Strictly limited Edition of 30 prints all over, personally hand marked 1/30, 2/30, etc. with signature of the artist.

Paper size 50 x 70 cm (19,68″ x 27,55″), comes rolled up in a large diameter and safely packed.