Get ready for a Stampede with this Buell X1 “Wild Bull”


Bull Riding or Barrel Racing. By Hillbilly-Motors.

So when we still lived in Germany, we lived in an area called Ardennes in a very little village directly on the border to Belgium. This village was so small that the number of 300 or so milk cows trumped the numbers of inhabitants.

While the rest of Germany in the early 2000s was mad with Fighter’s fever (you know those GSX-R builds with ridiculously high tails), our prudent little village was busy milking cows and living a quiet life.

What better way to honour this than to build a bike in the spirit Mad Cow Disease to roar down the roads on a Sunday morning!

We had recently launched a new glass fibre tank cover and tail for the Buell X1. What better way to get everyone’s attention than to put teddy fur with cow pattern on it, right? I still remember (almost 20 years later) how fluffy it was!

Other cool features were a polished swingarm, integrated plate holder and LED tail light (super new cool technology then), new clutch cover and Jekyll&Hyde Exhaust.



For those who don’t know: before we moved to Sweden, we used to own Hillbilly-Motors – the single largest supplier of Buell after market parts in the world. The company was sold in 2006, the same year we moved from Germany to Sweden. We decided to collect all official project bikes here as well – just for fun really!